The influence of musculoskeletal fascia on pain, review, Innsbruck 2012

Research interest on fascia and their importance in osteopathic treatment has increased significantly in recent years. As musculoskeletal pain is an important cost factor in the healthcare system it is an interesting question if pain reduction can be achieved by manual treatment.


The aim of this master thesis is to investigate a potential positive influence of fascia  treatment on musculoskeletal pain on the basis of a specific literature research.


After definition of the terms “fascia“, “pain“ and “fascia techniques“ the relevant studies on this topic will be introduced, evaluated and discussed. 


Several important medical databases were searched for the relevant keywords. In order to evaluate the identified studies according to the guidelines of methodological quality for interventional studies their inclusion in Cochrane Library and Physiotherapy Evidence Database (PEDro) were verified. Listed studies were evaluated regarding treated body region, significance of pain reduction and treatment techniques used.


In all studies a pain reduction by fascia treatment techniques in patients with pain syndromes could be shown. A highly significant pain reduction was observed only with fascia treatment of the jaw joint, shoulder, lumbar spine and lower limb (foot).

Highly significant results in pain reduction were obtained in three trials using fascia treatment without any other treatment techniques.


Fascia treatment techniques have a positive impact on pain reduction.


Fascia, manual treatment, musculoskeletal system, osteopathic treatment, pain, pain reduction

Author: Börge Hanisch (MSc. Ost., D.O.)


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